01. Medical Ethics

After outlining some of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in medicine, including genetic improvement, cloning, and nanotechnology, Dr. Cook explores the blessings and difficulties they present us in their side effects and social impact.  He also considers the financial agenda of medicine and the need to regulate medial research.  Dr. Cook asks some key questions about the nature of humanity that can help clarify our ethical decisions.  He closes by offering an framework for Christian ethics and outlines the Christian story through which we must approach all ethical dilemmas.

Tags: theological ethics, applied theology, faith-science interaction


02. Q&A: Ethics

In this interactive session, David Cook takes questions from the participants concerning his lecture.  He discusses a Christian response to global warming, the long-term effects of in vitro fertilization, and embryo adoption.  He also discusses human rights, and the implications of increased lifespan.  Finally he considers how to deal with conflicting ethical values, how to dialogue with non-Christians about ethics, and reasons for reducing human suffering.

Tags: theological ethics, applied theology, faith-science interaction, ecology